Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Zidbolt Swinesect - Intention

1st Intention
2nd Intention - A Prayer
3rd Intention - Black Dahlia
4th Intention
featuring the return of Swinebolt #45.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Larb - Comin' All On Upside Yeh Head. The True Story of Larb - Volume 1

From 2007 come these four preliminary chapters in the Larb story.
Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

patina scent fondle

Alas in the fall of 2001 my first collaboration with my long-time compatriot Chris Phinney has ventured forth as patina scent fondle Tom Furgas comments "This here tape has two slabs of pure Industrial Zan, to my hearing. The Patina side has my interest centered in the retro-electronic bleeps. I like the fact that when such sounds are used today they are NOT necessarily ironic, but rather seem to be quoted with affection. "

Larb - Asafoetida Cramp Terminal

Larb is where all the Memphis action in concentrated as of late, and speaking of concentrated - the Larb release from 2000 Asafoetida Cramp Terminal is an intensification of a wide variety of sound material stretching from the 80's through audio files received via ICQ on the internet the night I completed this release.

Larb - Brawl

Mystery Mike has been sending me source material on CDR in mid-1999 and from this I've created a wild new work Brawl.

Larb - Eye Sows

A wonderful and wild mix of various recordings made in Louisville by Mr. MHMH and myself were assembled in such a marvelous way by Mystery Hearsay that I'm releasing it as Eye Sows.

Larb - Ronda Roundheel’s Revenge

Preposterous occasions dictate undulating angulated sound calypso divides emphatic dungeons. Ok, what do I know? New Larb, absolutely all over the map in 1998, I don't even know how to pin down a description of Ronda Roundheel’s Revenge. Crashing through events rarely pinned down on this planet. We carried out the experiments so you could remain at home in relative safety and observe our creations.

Larb - Slikely Hot

Larb's Slikely Hot, the lively Memphis recordings from my fall '92 visit is titled after a blisteringly hot Thai dish Mike and I ate while we were together. The recordings from DAT were done in his roommate's astounding studio featuring our dueling computers throwing samples at each other. His Amiga and my Macintosh blasting away and creating some remarkable sound environments. This features the new 45-second Turkish hit single "Sagmir Varder." Also in the mix, executed Delirious Guillotine style in fall 1997, are recordings from live Larb performances in Louisville from October '94. This includes an ambient performance recorded in the Ice House with horns of four sizes, e-bow guitar and incidental percussion.

Larb - Cancerous Silence

Cancerous Silence was my first tape with Mystery Hearsay. It may sound drab at first but there is a droll wit throughout that becomes more obvious with repeated listening ("Anytime, you can listen"). This tape was originally known as Zamik HoHo but is now appropriately a Larb release.

RoVaMiMo - Raw Vah Mie Moh

The following three works are my exciting and invigorating works with Roger Moneymaker a.k.a. RoLMo. RoVaMiMo was my favorite tape for almost three years. It's a seamless and brilliant pairing of RoLMo and Mike Vargas with many pieces ranging from ethereal to funky. The cover features the sexy Nursoo Dewjee Poopal.

Zid4TexBolt - Plays Gershwin

Zid4TexBolt had the lady at the counter of Kinko's Copies comment "I like this picture but that name is horrible!" The tape is from my visit to Memphis in 1986 and contains live recordings in a factory on the Mississippi and an abandoned parking garage which are reprocessed by RoLMo. Richard and Mike also are on this tape.

Zidbolt Swinesect - Tension

Tension is a tense 60 minute collaboration with unyielding loops and processing by Swinebolt#45. Not noisy, but not easy to sit through either. Something that definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Cephalic Convergence

Mika Jaxun, look what you've done. You've got noise all over these three tapes! The three Cephalic tapes all feature Mika of X-Kurzhen music from Memphis then Boston. These are tapes that tell you what we sound like when we get together. Cephalic Convergence is my mix of many Cephalic Index releases into one big, nasty, scary work.

The Portentous Portal to Cephalic Satiation & Creation

Kimik Mystev - Dahlean Life

Kimik Mystev - Dahlean Death

Some very fascinating keyboard and sampler combinations are on the two Kimik Mystev tapes which feature Mkst and Mike Honeycutt (Mystery Hearsay). Dahlean Death is the real surprise tape with a stunning Mike Stevens graphic on the cover and with the added contribution of sounds from Agog, Mika Jaxun (Cephalic Index), If, Bwana and Tom Furgas. Eight pieces in all, each a unique and fulfilling sonic excursion.